E-twinning live meeting between Italy and Turkey.

On the 27th we had an online meeting whit the students of a Turkish technical high school coordinated by our teacher of English MRS Luisa Cusumano and the Turkish teacher Betul Pehivani. It was a fantastic intercultural exchange. We presented our city, our school and some Italian cultural land marks, such as music and food. At the beginning, we sang two famous Italian songs whose lyrics helped us to explain our lifestyle, hobbies, values ,our genuine and simple heart. We also enjoyed the information the Turkish friend shared whit us about their country, their traditional music and dance. They looked really interested to our presentation about Taranto and Italian food and we invited them to come to our school. In the second part of the meeting we asked and answered questions and we decided to make a what’s app group and to plan another meeting on E-twinning space of the project ( forum) to keep in touch. It has been an amazing experience we won’t forget
The students of 3BM IISS A RIGHI. Maria Luisa Cusumano.